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Tell Chuera, a large tell located in the flat steppe of northern Syria is one such example fig. Tell Chuera had two main occupations, one in the 3rd millennium BC, and the other in the second part of the 2nd millennium BC. It has proven to be a key site for understanding the phenomenon of chloe and halle dating history in Northern Mesopotamia, which was consolidated at the very beginning of the Bronze Age around BC fig.

chloe and halle dating history

Tell Chuera and the Baron Freiherr von Oppenheim The site of Tell Chuera is inextricably linked with the name of Max Freiherr von Oppenheim During his travels throughout the northern Syrian steppe region, this German Baron, diplomat and historian, also visited this site fig. He was the first to draw attention to a series of settlement mounds with several features in chloe and halle dating history.

They all consist of an elevated upper city and a shallow lower city, which is almost circular around the upper city and is enclosed by rampart-like elevations fig.

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Because of this shape, they were called « cup and saucer » or « Kranzhugel ». The peculiarity of these tells is that their distribution is limited to a relatively small area in south-eastern Turkey and north-eastern Syria, between the upper reaches of the Khabur and Balikh Rivers.

chloe and halle dating history

In Syria, the westernmost settlement is Tell Ghajar al-Kabir, about 10km from Tell Chuera, the easternmost Tell Bati, north of Hassake, and the southernmost Tell Malhat ed-Deru. In Turkey, they are mostly known from survey and satellite images Google Earth Fig. In AprilMax Freiherr von Oppenheim began a journey from Tell Halaf through the western Djezirah and reached Tell Chuera on May The next day he undertook a brief sondage at Kharab Sayyar, a small mound nearby, but explicitly emphasized the size and importance of Tell Chuera.

However, the Baron never worked on this site.

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From his records, only part of which survived the Second World War and are now in the Oppenheim Archives in Cologne, the Baron was impressed by massive stone structures visible on the surface at Tell Chuera. These were the foundations of monumental buildings within the settlement, now known as Stone Building I fig.

chloe and halle dating history

Baron von Oppenheim was very interested in ideen kennenlernen erwachsene site, but the outbreak of World War 1 no longer allowed German activities in Syria.

Lauffray and current state before — photo mission Tell Chuera.

Islamische Ehe

The Von Oppenheim family has played an essential role in preserving the site of Tell Chuera and the archaeological research that has taken place there. Thanks to this family, after the Second World War, the foundation initially established by the Baron was re-established by the Oppenheim private bank in Cologne. It was not until the autumn of and the spring of that Jean Lauffray and Willem van Liere undertook the first excavations of Tell Chuera on behalf of the Syrian Directorate of Antiquities Van Liere, Lauffray Jean Lauffray, a multifaceted figure of French archaeology, knew Northern Syria very well He was the conservator of the Aleppo Museum in and the architect at the Antiquity service of Syria Willem van Liere was a Dutch geomorphologist.

chloe and halle dating history

This was one of the first « multidisciplinary » teams. Today, most of the documentation of this work is at the University of Strasbourg under the care of Philippe Quenet.